Belarus is a small European country with Poland to the West Russia to the East and North, Ukraine to the South. Latvia to the North and Lithuania to the Northwest. Belarus was part of the Soviet Union until the split up in 1990 and it still has a mostly state run economy. The current Belarussian leadership appears to be committed to the old Communist, state run economic model. Belarussians are different from Russians; thinking that the two are the same would be the same mistake as thinking there’s no differences between Canadians and US citizens.

Belarussians to be wonderful hosts. This is something they appear to pride themselves on. The people are very friendly, and have many questions about the USA. Belarussians describe themselves as "tolerant" and appear to take a lot of pride in being accepting, laid back, and non-aggressive. As Eastern European countries go, Belarus has a very low crime rate.

Education is one of the main priorities of the national policy of the Republic of Belarus. The Republic of Belarus has an advanced system of education. The standard of literacy among adult population is 99.8%. The general basic, general secondary and professional education coverage of the working population is 98%. According to the standard of literacy among adult population and young people as well as to the number of students of the higher educational institutions, Belarus has proven to be up to standard of many developed countries of Europe and America.

Education in Belarus is free at all levels for Belarusian Citizens except higher education. The government ministry that oversees the running of the school systems is the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. The current structure of the educational system in Belarus was established by decree in 1994 act of the republic of Belarus. Belarus is a well-educated country, and there are many universities and colleges for post-secondary education in Belarus. There are medical schools with the world class facilities for medical practices. There are also technical and technological universities in the republic of Belarus, making it attractive to the outside world. In general, Belarusian schools are cheap and relatively affordable compared to other countries in Europe.


  • There are more than 6000 foreign students at Belarus.
  • There are possibilities for permanent residence & settlement after the completion of the study.
  • It has low tuition fees.
  • For the depth & quality education the universities are internationally recognized.
  • The expense of education & general living are relatively cheap.
  • Most of the universities enjoy a great experience through visiting professors from various parts of the world like USA, UK, Canada, etc.
  • Studying in Belarus gives you the opportunity to do medical licensing examinations such as PLAB, USMLE, MCI Test, and ERPM & MOH/DOH/HAAD (USA).
  • The entrance procedures are simple & straight forward.

Documents required for Admission into MBBS/MD Programme in Belarus

Documents Required at the Time of Applying to the Medical University/College

  • Passport (in case of absence of Passport, the ID card or Birth Certificate will do for the Admission Letter, but
  • Passport is must for Visa).
  • Secondary School Certificate with subjects details and with marks or grades (Class X Marksheet).
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate with subjects details and with marks or grades (Class XII Marksheet).
  • NEET Score Card (Last Appeared)

Documents Required at the Time of Applying for Study Visa of Belarus

  • Medical Report on the Health Status and the Certificate on the absence of HIV infection issued by the official
  • health authority of the applicant’s country (or the country from which the applicant is expected to come to be
  • educated in the Republic of Belarus).
  • Passport Photos: Size 2” x 2” (With White Background, 70% face coverage, Matte Paper)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Legal memo on the most important provisions concerning the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the
  • University requirements regarding the stay and residence of overseas citizens on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

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