Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe with the territory of 603,700 Its population is 50 million people. The capital and the largest city of Ukraine is Kiev. The neighbouring countries of Ukraine are: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Russia and Moldova. To the South Ukraine is washed with Black Sea and Sea of Azov. The country has the sea boarders with Turkey, Bulgaria and Georgia.

The richly talented Ukrainian people have created wonderful architecture, many monuments both secular and religious, dating from 11th to 18th centuries can be seen in all throughout Ukraine towns and cities. If you get a chance, visit some of the many historic sites and towns, where numerous treasures will tell you of the great past and traditions. The past is reflected in the architecture and atmosphere of cities.

Ukraine has always been hospitable and friendly, always happy to receive foreign businessmen, foreign guests, tourists and students.

Higher education in Ukraine has a long and rich history. Its students, graduates and academics have long been known and appreciated worldwide. Education in Ukraine is given great attention by the government and a large number of facilities and institutions exist for the purpose of educating the population. It is evident that the system of education in Ukraine has been well-developed and opportunities exist for the entire population, even those living in the rural areas.


  • The ranking in Ukraine's Universities is averagely high.
  • All their courses are globally recognized. (NMC, WHO, UNESCO, European Council, etc.)
  • The medicinal expenses are quite cheaper compared to any other parts in Europe.
  • Also, the general living expenses are cheap too.
  • The medium of instruction in most of the colleges is English which makes it convenient.
  • There are possibilities for permanent residence & settlement in Europe after the studies are finished.

Documents required for Admission into MBBS/MD Programme in Ukraine

Documents Required at the Time of Applying to the Medical University/College

  1. International Passport (in case of absence of International Passport, the ID card or Birth Certificate will do for the Admission Letter, but International Passport is must for the Invitation Letter).
  2. Secondary School Certificate with subject’s details and with marks or grades (Class X Mark sheet).
  3. Higher Secondary School Certificate with subject’s details and with marks or grades (Class XII Mark sheet).
  4. NEET Score Card 2020

Documents Required at the Time of Applying for Study Visa of Ukraine

  1. International passport (minimum valid for one year)
  2. Original Invitation letter from the University/College
  3. Confirmation letter from Ministry to Embassy of Ukraine in the required country
  4. Secondary and Higher School certificate (attested by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  5. Passport size photos (35×45 mm) with light background.
  6. Medical Insurance
  7. Bank Statement for last 3 months

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