Things to consider before taking MBBS Admission in the Philippines

To secure a MBBS seat is harder in India than in any other country.There is undeniably more competition to enter India's Government Medical Colleges. As an additional point, tuition fees at private medical colleges is very costly. Therefore, getting an MBBS degree in the Philippinesis a smart move.

There is no better place in Asia to earn your MBBS degree than the Philippines. MBBS in Philippines for Indian Studentsis one of the greatest locations to get the top medical education at a low cost that is taught entirely in English. The fact that there is 90% Literacy rate in the Philippines clearly shows that education is a top priority in the country.

The Philippines has more English speakers than any other Southeast Asian country. In the academic sphere, English is mandated as the language of communication. Filipinos are also known for having some of the best English language skills in the world. Its educational institutions are often regarded as some of the best in the world.

MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students:

When looking for a low-priced place to get your MBBS degree abroad, many people choose the Philippines. There are numerous excellent medical schools in the Philippines where you can earn your MBBS. Education at the best Philippine medical schools is on par with what you'd get in Europe.

The NMC and other international accrediting bodies recognise the quality of education provided by the best medical schools in the Philippines. Thousands of  students from countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc... seek to study MBBS in the Philippines.

The MBBS programme in Philippines universities are affordable and located in a safe and secure community. The academic institutions have state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge resources.

In addition to classroom instruction, medical students have access to a variety of extracurricular opportunities that allow them to expand their knowledge base and skill set.

Here are a few of the many reasons why Indian students should consider getting MBBS admission in Philippines in 2023:

l  Many Indian parents consider the Philippines as top option for their kids to pursue MBBS degree because of the country's reputation for providing excellent medical training.

l  The Philippines offers the most affordable option for pursuing an MBBS programme. The tuition fee is reasonably priced and can be paid for over  two instalments in a year.

l  Low, manageable housing and living costs.

l  The combination of cutting-edge pedagogical methods and high-calibre medical training with state-of-the-art facilities is unrivalled.

l  National Medical Commission (NMC) as well as WHO both recommend medical schools with international acclaim.

l  All the lectures are conducted in English language.

l  Indian students tend to feel at ease in the Philippines because most Filipinos can speak English fluently. There is zero necessity to study the tongue of the land.

l  Because the MBBS programme in the Philippines is modelled after the MD programme in the US, graduates will be able to transfer their credits and continue their medical studies in the US.

l  The Philippines now produces one medical doctor for every ten in the United States.

l  The Philippines is the world leader in exporting medical graduates.

l  There is a wide range of nationalities represented among MBBS students in the Philippines.

Top MBBS Universities in Philippines:

Some of the best Philippine medical schools that provide MBBS degrees are listed below.

●       University Of Perpetual Help

●       Our Lady Of Fatima University

●       Emilio Aguinaldo College - School of Medicine

●       Uv Gullas College of Medicine

●       Davao Medical School Foundation

●       Lyceum Northwestern University

●       Southwestern University

●       Bicol Christian College of Medicine

Facilities and services provided to students in the Philippines:

-      Facilities provided at the Medical Colleges in the Philippines:

The medical schools in the Philippines are renowned for their knowledgeable professors, traditional yet coordinated curriculum, emphasis on early clinical integration, student-centred approach, and state-of-the-art classrooms outfitted with computerised images and lectures. The University of the Philippines as well as the Philippines General Hospital & Medical Centre located in Manila serves as clinical training sites for medical students.

-      Student Services:

Air-conditioned lecture halls, labs, library with online resources, AV facilities, and Health, Athletic, and Medical Care services is included in facilities provided to students.

-      Food:

The canteen of college serves both Indian as well as regional cuisine.

-      Laundry:

Cost of laundry is calculated per kilo of laundry done.

-      Hostel Rooms:

Dormitories are also available for the students within college premises. There are various occupancy rooms available for the students at the same location. Each of these rooms are equipped with attached bathroom and basin as well as electricity and water supply