10 Popular Courses Students choose to Study Abroad

Each year, a growing number of Indian high school and college students choose to pursue their education overseas rather than in their home country.

A step-by-step guide to Studying in UK without IELTS in 2023

Are you wondering if there is any possibility of studying in the UK without giving the IELTS test?

Artificial Intelligence, A gift for Healthcare

For decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven indispensable to many different businesses. It is only recently that AI has emerged as a key player in the medical field.

Growing trends of pursuing MBBS in Nepal

Nepal, being a developing country, medical students who choose to pursue their medical degrees in Nepal are exposed to new ideas and cultures while learning about all the different aspects of medicine.

How Kazakhstan became a hotspot for medical students?

There is no need for the students studying in the top MBBS Universities in Kazakhstan to feel homesick for Indian cuisine because Indian food is available throughout the country and most universities offer Indian Mess facilities.

How to decide which country is the best for pursuing MBBS abroad?

Many aspiring Indian doctors are opting to pursue their MBBS degrees outside of the country due to the exorbitant costs and intense competition at home among private medical schools.

Things to consider before taking MBBS Admission in the Philippines

There is no better place in Asia to earn your MBBS degree than the Philippines.

Top 8 Trends that will Change the Education Sector till 2025

The word "trend" has become ubiquitous recently. Fashion, economic, social, and other types of trend reporting are commonplace occurrences in our daily lives.

Why are Tech Companies hiring English Graduates?

In recent years, tech companies have been increasingly hiring graduates with degrees in English, literature, and other humanities disciplines.

Why MBA after Engineering?

Consult the best best international education consultants in Vadodara - Roy Overseas.

Premier Medical Schools in the World

Evidence of surgical practices have been in effect in various parts of the world as far back as 8000+ years ago. However, Medical Schools as degree-awarding institutions are relatively more recent.

A paradigm shift in peoples choices toward Ayurveda

India is culturally and traditionally rich as a country, Ayurveda is one of the gems that India has in its crown. Our country has world prominence in the field of Ayurveda and its practices. Around 80% of Indian households use some of the other forms of traditional medicines that includes Ayurveda properties; for example, consuming cumin seeds (jeera) instead of any medicine to treat acidity.